Cawley Masonry Inc. Customer Testimonials

"Hi John,

All is indeed well, and we are very happy with the work. The quality and execution exceeds our expectations - and your guys were always cheerful while at our house, and we think it shows in the finished product. If you want to get photos, you'll be glad Lois and I did most of the painting last weekend, just the front cornice to left do.

Matt did a great job of putting it all back together. He was able to raise the roof 1-1/2" very easily, and the whole think looks sort of level for the first time ever. The new window is on order. We should have done this ten years ago.

"God save the toad" - (now we have to build the planter)


"Hi John,

We got back last night and had a chance to look around this morning. I just wanted to say thanks for doing such a great job. Your crew did excellent work, very thorough with a definite attention to detail. The results exceeded our expectations.

This is the 4th house we have owned since 2001; three (including this one) required extensive renovations and one we built from the ground up. Over all of those years I can count on one hand the number of times we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the work we have had done. This is certainly one of those times.

Please thank the crew and let them know that their work is greatly appreciated.

Given the amount of masonry around the property, I am sure we will see you again sometime in the near future.

- Gord"